Episode 77 / 2020.06.01
Andrew Welch, Michael Rog
#react #native #expo

On this episode, Evan Lord of Open Source” Bacon from Expo​.io is on to talk to us about build­ing React Native apps in Expo.

Joined again by Paulo Ellias, we dis­cuss exact­ly what the rela­tion­ship between React, React Native, and Expo is, and how they all work togeth­er to bring the write once, run every­where” dream to life.

We talk about how some real-world projects would ben­e­fit from the uni­fied code­base that Expo brings to the table, allow­ing you to pro­duce iOS, Android, and web ver­sions of the app.

Final­ly, we get down and dirty talk­ing about how your web devel­op­er super­pow­ers can extend into build­ing native apps, and how it all works under the hood.

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