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Exploring GraphQL with Eve Porcello 

Episode #80 / 2020.06.08
GraphQL is gain­ing trac­tion as one of the most pop­u­lar ways to cre­ate an API, and we have Eve on to tell us all about why!
(Records on 2020.06.05 )

Development & the Philosophy of Stoicism 

Episode #81 / 2020.06.15
Sam Her­nan­dez talks with us about how the 4 virtues of Sto­icism can ben­e­fit your men­tal health at work as a devel­op­er, and in life as a human. Those virtues are pru­dence, jus­tice, for­ti­tude, and temperance.
(Records on 2020.06.12 )