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What’s new in Craft CMS3.5

Episode #86 / 2020.08.24
We’ll be talk­ing to Bran­don Kel­ly & Leah Stephen­son from Pix­el & Ton­ic about every­thing new and awe­some in Craft CMS3.5!
(Records on 2020.08.17 )

Using social media to accelerate your tech career 

Episode #87 / 2020.08.24
We’ll be talk­ing to Pariss Athena about how devel­op­ers, design­ers, or any­one in tech can use social media to accel­er­ate their career in tech
(Records on 2020.08.21 )

Information Security (infosec) for Developers 

Episode #88 / 2020.09.07
We’ll be talk­ing to Eugen Olteanu about Infor­ma­tion Secu­ri­ty (infos­ec) and how devel­op­ers of all stripes can learn from infos­ec spe­cial­ists to hard­en & improve their code
(Records on 2020.09.04 )