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Collaborating with Designers to build better Websites 

Episode #65 / 2020.01.27
We’ll be talk­ing to Sou­vik about how can graph­ic design­ers skill up for web design, and what can we do to make col­lab­o­ra­tions more effi­cient and effec­tive (through bet­ter process­es, tools, knowl­edge shar­ing, etc)
(Records on 2020.01.24 )

Sizzy the browser for developers and designers 

Episode #66 / 2020.02.10
Kris­ti­jan Ris­tovs­ki a.k.a Kitze of React Acad­e­my fame set out to real­ize his dream of cre­at­ing a web brows­er for devel­op­ers & design­ers. This is the sto­ry of Sizzy.
(Records on 2020.02.07 )