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Upcoming shows

Una Kravets on web trends & technology 

Episode #42 / 2019.05.27
We’ll be talk­ing to the one and only Una Kravets about her new role at Google & Mate­r­i­al design, as well as web trends and how those change with technology.
(Records on 2019.05.24 )

Svelte: the disappearing JavaScript Framework with Rich Harris 

Episode #43 / 2019.06.10
We’ll be dis­cussing the new­ly released Svelte 3.0 with Rich Har­ris, the cre­ator of Svelte! We’ll also talk about Sap­per, the Next/​Nuxt of the Svelte world
(Records on 2019.06.05 )

Running a Profitable Agency with Stephen Callender 

Episode #44 / 2019.06.10
Mak­ing mon­ey is step one in run­ning a prof­itable agency, but you also need to man­age that mon­ey. We have on Stephen Cal­len­der who runs a suc­cess­ful agency, but at one time got him­self into debt, and talks about how he got him­self out of debt.
(Records on 2019.06.07 )

Webflow: Design, Build, Launch! 

Episode #45 / 2019.06.24
We’re going to talk to Vlad from Webflow https://​webflow​.com/ about the awe­some­ness that is Webflow, and their new Com­merce setup!
(Records on 2019.06.17 )

VueJS 3.0 Goodies with Chris Fritz 

Episode #46 / 2019.06.24
We’ll have a dis­cus­sion with Chris Fritz https://​twit​ter​.com/​c​h​r​i​s​v​fritz about all the new good­ness com­ing in Vue­JS 3.0!
(Records on 2019.06.21 )

What’s new with Gatsby JS

Episode #47 / 2019.07.08
We’ll be talk­ing once again with Jason Lengstorf from Gats­by about all the new and cool stuff that’s hap­pen­ing in the Gats­by world!
(Records on 2019.07.05 )