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Running a Profitable Web Development Agency 

Episode #49 / 2019.07.22
Mak­ing mon­ey is step one in run­ning a prof­itable agency, but you also need to man­age that mon­ey. We have on Stephen Cal­len­der who runs a suc­cess­ful agency, but at one time got him­self into debt, and talks about how he got him­self out of debt.
(Records on 2019.07.19 )

Returning sanity to the webdev process 

Episode #50 / 2019.08.05
Chris Fer­di­nan­di believes that many of our mod­ern best prac­tices are harm­ing the web. He has ideas for a new set of best prac­tices that bring more sim­plic­i­ty and san­i­ty to the dev process.
(Records on 2019.08.02 )

What traits does it take to be a good developer? 

Episode #51 / 2019.08.19
Card URL: https://​trel​lo​.com/​c​/​r​r​i​ozyay
(Records on 2019.08.16 )

Making Craft CMS hosting & local dev easy with Servd! 

Episode #52 / 2019.09.02
We’re going to talk to Matt Gray about his Servd project, and how it aims to make host­ing a Craft CMS web­site – as well as doing local dev work – super easy!
(Records on 2019.08.30 )