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Upcoming shows

Native Web Components with Stencil 

Episode #60 / 2019.11.25
We’ll be talk­ing to Adam Bradley & Manu Mar­tinez-Almei­da from Sten­cil about native Web Com­po­nents, and how cre­at­ing uni­ver­sal com­po­nents that work with every plat­form can be glorious.
(Records on 2019.11.22 )

Building Native Apps with React Native 

Episode #61 / 2019.12.16
What is React Native, how can we lever­age it to build native iOS/​Android apps, and what is Expo” and how does React Native Web fit into the equation?
(Records on 2019.12.13 )

The Art of Focus 

Episode #62 / 2019.12.23
The art of focus: how we each man­age our finite amount of time for enjoy­ment and prof­it. A round­table dis­cus­sion on how we focus, both on nar­row tasks at hand, and then also on broad­er tech­nolo­gies that we choose to adopt.
(Records on 2019.12.18 )

Web Performance with @csswizardry Harry Roberts 

Episode Web Performance with @csswizardry Harry Roberts [Backlog] / 2020.01.13
We’ll be talk­ing to Har­ry Roberts aka CSS Wiz­ardry about Web Per­for­mance, and how we can make our web pages fly and our users smile!
(Records on 2020.01.10 )

Collaborating with Designers to build better Websites 

Episode Collaborating with Designers to build better Websites [Backlog] / 2020.01.27
We’ll be talk­ing to Sou­vik about how can graph­ic design­ers skill up for web design, and what can we do to make col­lab­o­ra­tions more effi­cient and effec­tive (through bet­ter process­es, tools, knowl­edge shar­ing, etc)
(Records on 2020.01.24 )