Episode 128 / 2022.03.14
Ryan Irelan, Andrew Welch
#bizdev #technology #growth

On this episode host­ed by Ryan Ire­lan, we talk to indus­try vet­er­an Joe Rinal­di, founder of That Was Clutch about the busi­ness devel­op­ment side of run­ning an agency or consultancy.

Joe talks about how it’s impor­tant to be true to your­self and your agen­cy’s strengths, so you don’t turn into a chameleon con­sul­tant that ends up with ill-fit­ting projects. If you do that, you can’t lose.

He goes on to expound on how sell­ing is not the same thing as just clos­ing inbound leads, and you should be dri­ving your com­pa­ny’s growth by sell­ing clients rather than just catch­ing the soft­balls they throw you.

We also dis­cuss the dan­gers of evolv­ing into a platy­pus by virtue of work­ing in an insu­lar man­ner; instead, talk to your clients, talk to your users.

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