Episode 46 / 2019.07.10
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Michael Rog
#craftcms #craft-3 #headless

In this episode we have on Bran­don Kel­ly from Pix­el and Ton­ic to talk about the new­ly released Craft CMS 3.2!

Craft CMS has long worked as a head­less” CMS via the Ele­ment API or GraphQL cour­tesy of the CraftQL plu­g­in, but the new Head­less Live Pre­view sup­port takes it to the next level.

We talk about that in depth, and then also dis­cuss a num­ber of oth­er new fea­tures that have been added such mul­ti­ple Pre­view Tar­gets, the attr() func­tion, mul­ti-site Ele­ment Queries and more!

Then Andrew decides to update the dev​Mode​.fm web­site to Craft CMS 3.2 live on air, and blind­ly push it to pro­duc­tion… find out how that turned out!

That brings us to dis­cussing the new test­ing fea­tures built into Craft CMS 3.2 that allow for test dri­ven devel­op­ment via Code­cep­tion which can mit­i­gate disaster.

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