Episode 51 / 2019.09.16
Andrew Welch, Earl Johnston, Jonathan Melville, Marion Newlevant, Michael Rog, Jennifer Blumberg
#roundtable #webdev #traits

In this round­table dis­cus­sion, we delve into what traits we believe it takes to be a good devel­op­er. We’re joined by spe­cial guests Jen­nifer Blum­berg from Next Solu­tions, Paulo Elias from IDEO, and Ran­som Rober­son from Ven­veo for a fan­tas­tic discussion.

We sep­a­rate out the traits that it takes to be a good human” that are fair­ly uni­ver­sal to traits that are spe­cif­ic to being a good developer.

Are there some traits that make you a great devel­op­er, but a ter­ri­ble human (and vice ver­sa)? Are there some traits that we con­ven­tion­al­ly con­sid­er bad” that can be good?

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