Episode 111 / 2021.06.28
Jennifer Blumberg, Andrew Welch, Ryan Irelan
#php #what-even-is-it #rector

On this episode host­ed by Jen­nifer Blum­berg with guest Matthias Noback, we con­tin­ue the What is even…?” series by delv­ing into exact­ly what even is PHP?

We talk about PHP’s ori­gins, how PHP works from request to php-fpm work­er process­es to lex­er to byte­code to JIT, the whole shebang!

We also dis­cuss there are so few fea­ture-rich, author­ing expe­ri­ence focused CMSs writ­ten in lan­guages oth­er than PHP.

Final­ly, we talk about Rec­tor, which is like Babel but for PHP, allow­ing you to improve and upgrade PHP code on the fly. It can even down­grade your code to old­er PHP ver­sions if you like!

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