Episode 41 / 2019.05.27
Andrew Welch, Jonathan Melville
#webpack #frontend #webdev

In this episode, we talk to web­pack core main­tain­er Sean Larkin about what web­pack is, who it’s intend­ed for, and where it’s going in the future!

We dis­cuss the serendip­i­tous his­to­ry of how Sean came to be a web­pack core main­tain­er, and how his job at Microsoft came about as a result of it.

Join by guest host Jake Dohm, we then go on to dis­cuss a whole lot of grit­ty tech­ni­cal detail of how web­pack works, go through the var­i­ous ter­mi­nol­o­gy, talk about Web Assem­bly, and what the future holds for web­pack 5 and beyond.

Sean also drops some truth-bombs about CSS being flawed, and brows­er mak­ers con­spir­ing to kill off web­pack. Tune in for the good stuff!

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