Episode 113 / 2021.07.26
Andrew Welch
#vite #javascript #Vue #webpack

On this episode, we talk with Ben Hong from Netli­fy about the Vite.js mod­ern fron­tend tool­ing from Evan You, the cre­ator of Vue.js!

We talk about Grunt, Gulp, web­pack, and how the evo­lu­tion of the mod­ern web plat­form has allowed fron­tend tool­ing like Vite.js to be light­ing fast and light on config.

We dis­cuss how the per­for­mance and usabil­i­ty of Vite.js adds to the Devel­op­er Expe­ri­ence (DX) in a big way, with things like zero-con­fig Type­Script and JSX support.

Final­ly, we learn that Nuxt 3 will work with Vite out of the box. Oh, and we get the dirt on the Nuxt 3 release date too!

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