Episode 87 / 2020.09.21
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#technology #bizdev ##BlackTechTwitter

On this episode, we talk with Pariss Athena, the cre­ator of #Black­TechTwit­ter & founder of Black​Tech​Pipeline​.com, about how devel­op­ers can use social media to advance our devel­op­ment career.

We have a great con­ver­sa­tion about Paris­s’s jour­ney from being an estheti­cian wax­ing bod­ies to found­ing her very own tech startup.

Helen may have had the face that launched a thou­sand ships, but Pariss had the tweet that launched a glob­al conversation.

Pariss tells us what the expe­ri­ence was like on her mete­oric rise, and offers a whole lot of advice on how you, too, can lever­age social media like Twit­ter to aid in your own journey.

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