Episode 104 / 2021.04.05
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#seo #a/b testing #optimize

We talk with Dr. Thomas Antho­ny from Dis­tilled / Search­Pi­lot about how a sci­en­tif­ic approach to SEO A/B test­ing gives you results, not incense and tarot cards.

Joined by guest host Car­o­line Blak­er from Pet­ro­glyph Cre­ative, we dis­cuss the strug­gle to bring the rig­or of the sci­en­tif­ic method to SEO, by iso­lat­ing what works from what does­n’t in a deter­min­is­tic way.

We talk about how we should­n’t all just give up and pay Google et al for Pay Per Click ads (PPC), but rather real­ize the very real val­ue in organ­ic search and mod­ern SEO.

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