Episode 48 / 2019.08.05
Andrew Welch, Marion Newlevant
#frontend #gatsbyjs #themes

On this episode we’re joined by Jason Lengstorf and Chris Bis­car­di to talk about the new­ly released Gats­by Themes!

We dis­cuss out Gats­by themes are not your dad­dy’s The­me­For­est, they are com­pos­able so you can uti­lize mul­ti­ple themes in one project. They are also gran­u­lar, so you can replace the look and func­tion­al­i­ty of only the pieces you need to override.

We go on to dis­cuss the themes in depth, and how they lever­aged some of the design token work from styled-sys­tem, sys­tem-ui, and theme-ui.

We got on to dis­cuss oth­er cool stuff in the Gats­by world, such as Gats­by Cloud, Gats­by Pre­view, and some top secret upcom­ing projects the team is work­ing on!

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