Episode 4 / 2018.01.22
Andrew Welch, Earl Johnston, Marion Newlevant, Patrick Harrington
#webdev #frontend #shoptalk

In this episode of dev​Mode​.fm, we talk to web vet­er­an & founder of the Web Direc­tions con­fer­ence, John All­sopp. We talk about the ori­gins of the web, includ­ing many tech­nolo­gies you may nev­er have heard of. John drops some fan­tas­tic tid­bits from the per­spec­tive that only some­one who has seen it all can offer.

We also mean­der through a philo­soph­i­cal dis­cus­sion of the cur­rent and future state of the web devel­op­ment indus­try. Are cer­tain jobs in the web devel­op­ment world in dan­ger of becom­ing obso­lete? Join us for a fun and far-rang­ing discussion!

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