Episode 92 / 2020.11.30
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#React #components #UI

On this episode, we talk with Segun Sage” Ade­bayo, the cre­ator of the Chakra UI com­po­nent library about how Chakra came to be, and how help­ing peo­ple has changed his life.

Chakra UI is a set of React com­po­nents that makes putting togeth­er any web­site eas­i­er, with a con­sis­tent design sys­tem and acces­si­ble & com­pos­able com­po­nents. If you’re a fan of Vue.js, don’t wor­ry, there’s Chakra UI for Vue.js as well!

We talk with Segun in-depth about how his deep expe­ri­ence as a design­er allowed him to make Chakra UI into some­thing that can help devel­op­ers and design­ers around the world.

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