Episode 95 / 2021.01.11
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#craftcms #support #webdev

We talk with Olivi­er Bon about what it’s like being on the sup­port front lines for Craft CMS. When you send in a sup­port tick­et, email, tweet, etc., chances are Oli is on the oth­er end.

Joined by Ben Cro­ker, we hear about Oli’s jour­ney to end up in his cur­rent posi­tion, work­ing in a small vil­lage in the French coun­try­side for Pix­el & Tonic.

We go on to dis­cuss how peo­ple send­ing in sup­port are seek­ing help, and how reward­ing it can be to help peo­ple, as well as how chal­leng­ing it can be at times. If you build prod­uct of any kind, you’ll like­ly get some­thing out of this discussion!

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