Episode 2 / 2017.12.22
Andrew Welch, Earl Johnston, Marion Newlevant
#frontend #css #utility-first #tailwind

We have Tail­wind CSS author Adam Wathan on to dis­cuss util­i­ty-first CSS, and why it’s a viable alter­na­tive to using seman­tic class­es or BEM nam­ing con­ven­tions. If you’ve heard of util­i­ty-first CSS but think it’s a mis­guid­ed idea, or have only a vague idea of what util­i­ty CSS or atom­ic CSS is, this is the pod­cast for you!

We dis­cuss the prob­lems with can­dle drip” CSS that can accu­mu­late over time, and how Tail­wind CSS is more than just util­i­ty CSS, it’s a work­flow for rapid­ly pro­to­typ­ing CSS and build­ing scal­able CSS.

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