Episode 40 / 2019.05.13
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Matt Stein
#statamic #cms #webdev

In this episode of dev​Mode​.fm we talk with Jack McDade about his flat file CMS Statam­ic. We talk about the orig­i­nal prob­lem of devel­op­er work­flow that Statam­ic was intend­ed to solve, and then move on to how it all works at a nuts & bolts level.

Then we move on to dis­cussing the major new ver­sion the Statam­ic team has been hard at work on: Statam­ic 3. We hop, skip, and jump around some of the very cool fea­tures com­ing in Statam­ic 3, such as Stacks, Con­di­tion­al Fields, the Bard long­form con­tent field, and a whole lot more.

Then we talk about the coup d’é·tat of an abstract­ed data lay­er in Statam­ic 3 that lets you con­nect to… what­ev­er your heart desires. Join us for a real­ly enjoy­able discussion!

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