Episode 116 / 2021.09.06
Andrew Welch, Ryan Irelan
#standup #vite #JavaScript

Ryan Ire­lan & Andrew record anoth­er dev­Mode standup streamed live on YouTube; we launch into a philo­soph­i­cal What if?” sce­nario where PHP is the lan­guage that runs in the brows­er as well as the server.

We talk about the great divide” and how JavaScrip­t’s super­pow­er of run­ning in the brows­er is dri­ving a decent chunk of the adop­tion of one lan­guage to rule them all.

We also talk more about Vite.js, and Ryan’s con­ver­sion of CraftQuest​.io over to it, and how that’s been as a project for him.

Final­ly we talk more about Nuxt, the Europa Muse­um project con­ver­sion to Dock­er + Vite.js, Six Flags Great Adven­ture & more!

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