Episode 120 / 2021.11.01
Andrew Welch, Ryan Irelan
#standup #vite #docker

Ryan Ire­lan & Andrew record anoth­er dev­Mode standup where we dis­cuss Ryan’s prep­per ten­den­cies, and he goes on a rant about a SaaS he’s had issues with (he’d like to see the manager).

We go on to talk about Con­ven­tion­al Com­mits, and how they can make your git com­mits bet­ter, and dis­cuss drug smug­gling. Andrew sees a shiny object, and goes off on a side-quest mak­ing a Vite.js Dock­ered Dev envi­ron­ment in the name of fix­ing a sym­link bug.

Then we dis­cuss how Jack Antonoff, and how every­one who is real­ly good at cre­at­ing a thing — what­ev­er that thing may be — does it via a process, not magic.

Final­ly, Andrew tells Ryan to grab his go bag and join him on a cod­ing adven­ture to work on a Twig Dev­tools brows­er extension.

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