Episode 107 / 2021.05.17
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#standup #craftcms #make

Patrick Hon­ey­dew” Har­ring­ton & Andrew record anoth­er dev­Mode standup streamed live on YouTube, where we talk about stay­ing sane through the pan­dem­ic with some of our favorite movies & shows.

We also talk about Patrick­’s obses­sion with find­ing a replace­ment NAS for his video pirat­ing needs, a revamp of Andrew’s first real web­site project (and how it was redone so much better).

Then we talk about what’s com­ing in han­dling slow pay clients, Craft CMS 3.7, the joy of using Make and Make­files, mod­ern build sys­tems, dis­as­ter plan­ning for web­sites, and SEOmatic!

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