Episode 129 / 2022.04.11
Andrew Welch
#standup #craft-4 #plugin

On this standup, we have Ben Cro­ker from Put Your Lights On to dis­cuss the ongo­ing war with squir­rels that Andrew has been engaged in.

Far from the cute, cud­dly lit­tle plushies that Ben thinks they are, squir­rels are actu­al­ly insid­i­ous­ly evil lit­tle mon­sters that eat your house down one shin­gle at a time.

We then also dis­cuss press­ing top­ics like the prop­er plur­al of € Euro”, and have a chat about Craft CMS 4, the work we’ve need­ed to do on our plu­g­ins to get them updat­ed, and what the new year­ly ver­sion­ing scheme means to you.

We then go on to talk about PHP bench­marks, and how to keep moti­vat­ed with con­tent creation.

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