Episode 85 / 2020.08.31
Andrew Welch
#twig #frontend #javascript

On this episode, we talk to Ben Cro­ker from PutY­ourLight­sOn about his new plu­g­in for Craft CMS called Sprig.

Sprig brings reac­tiv­i­ty to your Twig tem­plates, by allow­ing you to do what are effec­tive­ly dynam­ic includes of famil­iar Twig templates.

This allows you to do dynam­ic things like han­dle pag­i­na­tion, dynam­ic updat­ing of con­tent, and more while keep­ing a uni­fied Twig-based ren­der­ing model.

Joined by Ryan Ire­lan, we delve into how Sprig can be used as a lit­tle extra sea­son­ing for your web pages, with­out hav­ing to resort to a full blown fron­tend frame­work like React or Vue.

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