Episode 102 / 2021.03.08
Jonathan Melville, Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#complex #problems #webdev

Jonathan Melville hosts this episode on how we han­dle break­ing down com­plex prob­lems so that we can imple­ment a solution.

Our jobs as devel­op­ers is solv­ing prob­lems we don’t ful­ly under­stand yet, but there are method­olo­gies we can use to help break down these com­plex prob­lems into emi­nent­ly doable chunks of work.

We talk about our per­son­al approach­es to solv­ing com­plex devel­op­ment prob­lems, and inter­est­ing­ly how much of it isn’t the tech­ni­cal side of things, but rather the men­tal or emo­tion­al side of things.

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