Episode 68 / 2020.03.16
Andrew Welch, Matt Stein, Patrick Harrington
#webdev #design #sizzy

On this episode, we’re joined by spe­cial guest Lea Alcan­tara to talk with Kitze about Sizzy, his web brows­er for devel­op­ers & designers.

We dis­cuss how Sizzy allows you to visu­al­ize your project holis­ti­cal­ly, by show­ing you how it looks on mul­ti­ple devices & ori­en­ta­tions simultaneously.

Sizzy is also some­thing that Qual­i­ty Assur­ance (QAs) will love, for the instan­ta­neous san­i­ty check of the project on mul­ti­ple devices.

We go into some killer new fea­tures that are in the works for Sizzy, such as over­lay­ing the design from the design­er with the imple­men­ta­tion by the devel­op­er, with dif­fer­ences highlighted.

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