Episode 14 / 2018.06.11
Andrew Welch, Earl Johnston, Jonathan Melville, Patrick Harrington, Michael Rog
#development #environment #local dev #webdev

In this episode, we all square up at high noon, dis­cussing our favorite local devel­op­ment envi­ron­ments in a shootout to deter­mine the best of the best. We talk about why we use a local dev envi­ron­ment at all, and what we’re try­ing to accom­plish by using one.

We dis­cuss not using any local dev envi­ron­ment (true cow­boy cod­ing”), MAMP, Lar­avel Valet, Nanobox, Dock­er, and Lar­avel Home­stead in depth, and touch on some oth­er fringe local dev setups peo­ple might be using. A real­ly good dis­cus­sion of the mer­its of each ensues, with sur­pris­ing­ly lit­tle bloodshed.

We had on spe­cial guests Jalen Dav­en­port and Nathan Queri­do for this rous­ing dis­cus­sion! This episode should be inter­est­ing for every­one to hear how their local dev envi­ron­ment of choice fares, as well as learn­ing about some oth­er options they might want to explore!

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