Episode 100 / 2021.02.22
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#roast #hosts #interview

For the 100th episode, Ben Cro­ker leads the cabal of inquisi­tors, and puts the reg­u­lar hosts Patrick Har­ring­ton & Andrew Welch in the hot seat!

We dis­cuss their col­or­ful his­to­ries and learn more than we ever want­ed to know about run­ning marathons & Patrick in tights.

Ben Cro­ker and his hench­men Matt Stein & Lind­sey DiLore­to pro­ceed to roast the hosts” on a wide vari­ety of topics.

If you want­ed to learn more about Patrick & Andrew and the his­to­ry of dev​Mode​.fm, this is the show for you.

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