Episode 50 / 2019.09.02
Andrew Welch
#webdev #frontend #javascript

In this episode, we talk to Chris Fer­di­nan­di believes that many of our mod­ern best prac­tices are harm­ing the web.

Chris has ideas for a new set of best prac­tices that bring more sim­plic­i­ty and san­i­ty to the dev process. They involve such hereti­cal ideas as not using the pop­u­lar JavaScript frame­works, and using vanil­la JavaScript instead.

We also delve into sta­t­ic site gen­er­a­tors, and how the com­plex­i­ty that fron­tend devel­op­ment has mor­phed into cre­ates exclu­sion­ary gate­keep­ing”.

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