Episode 35 / 2019.03.04
Patrick Harrington, Andrew Welch, Jonathan Melville, Matt Stein, Michael Rog
#shoptalk #pricing #bizdev

In this episode we have on Jen­nifer Blum­berg from Next/​Solutions to talk about pric­ing medi­um to large sized projects. We’re talk­ing about projects that are firm­ly in the 5 fig­ure range, ven­tur­ing on up into the 6 fig­ure range.

But how do we deter­mine what that fig­ure should be, exact­ly? Should it be strict­ly hourly billing, or should it be val­ue-based? And what exact­ly does it mean to have val­ue-based pric­ing” for your client projects?

This is a real­ly inter­est­ing bizdev dis­cus­sion with some peo­ple who have been doing it for some time. Learn from what we’ve learned, and avoid our mistakes.

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