Episode 73 / 2020.04.20
Patrick Harrington, Jennifer Blumberg, Jonathan Melville, Matt Stein
#notion #bizdev #organize

On this episode we talk to Notion Jedi Marie Poulin about the free-form, flex­i­ble orga­ni­za­tion tool that is Notion.

Marie leads us through how Notion has lit­er­al­ly trans­formed her busi­ness as well as her life, as she now runs Notion Office Hours live streams, and has a con­sult­ing busi­ness that orbits around the tool.

We also talk about how Jonathan & Math­ew are already on board the Notion express, using it to orga­nize their devel­op­ment & con­sult­ing bussi­ness. Also learn about Andrew’s per­for­mance anx­i­ety with Notion (!)

Tune in for a real­ly fun dis­cus­sion on get­ting organized!

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