Episode 6 / 2018.02.19
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Jonathan Melville, Michael Rog
#Neutrino #webpack #frontend #webdev

In this episode, we talk to Eli Perel­man and Tim Kel­ty from the Neu­tri­no JS project about how Neu­tri­no can make get­ting up and run­ning using web­pack a whole lot eas­i­er. Neu­tri­no pro­vides starter projects and mid­dle­ware con­figs you can just grab off of the shelf and start using. Per­haps more impor­tant­ly, Neu­tri­no lets you solve a build prob­lem once, and then re-use your Neu­tri­no mid­dle­ware in future projects.

We cov­er the whole rea­son we’re using build sys­tems to begin with, and talk about our expe­ri­ences with things like CodeK­it, Grunt, Gulp, web­pack, and then dive deep into Neu­tri­no! Neu­tri­no is backed by the Mozil­la foun­da­tion, and it’s a very promis­ing part of fron­tend devel­op­ment workflow.

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