Episode 36 / 2019.03.18
Andrew Welch, Jonathan Melville, Patrick Harrington
#design #webdev #tooling #tokens

In this episode we talk to Dominik Wilkows­ki of Thinkmill about design sys­tems from a mod­ern tool­ing point of view. We talk about how the real goal is to bridge the gap between design and devel­op­ment, and what role tool­ing can have in mak­ing this easier.

We also go on to talk in broad­er terms about how using a design token sys­tem as an abstrac­tion lay­er can give you the ben­e­fits of util­i­ty first CSS, but with­out some of the baggage.

And final­ly, we learn that we test in pro­duc­tion, and so do you.

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