Episode 54 / 2019.10.14
Andrew Welch, Jennifer Blumberg, Patrick Harrington
#craftcms #wordpress #bizdev

On this episode, we’re joined by Sebastien Dehes­din from Bleeps & Blops to talk about lur­ing clients away from WordPress.

Word­Press pow­ers a mas­sive slice of the Inter­net, but its hold is slip­ping as mod­ern web devel­op­ment advances, and oth­er solu­tions offer a bet­ter devel­op and con­tent author­ing experiences.

We delve into strate­gies we use to lure clients away from Word­Press, and talk in depth about what works, and what does­n’t work.

We also dis­cuss at length what it’d mean if Craft CMS ever went ful­ly OSS, and if this would be a good or a bad thing for devel­op­ers and clients.

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