Episode 126 / 2022.02.14
Andrew Welch, Ryan Irelan
#JavaScript #webdev #tracking

On this episode, we talk with Adam Bradley from Builder​.io about using Par­ty­town to improve web­site per­for­mance while still allow­ing mar­ket­ing to use a pletho­ra of track­ing scripts.

Par­ty­town is a way to run all of your third-par­ty track­ing scripts (or tags”) in a sep­a­rate web work­er thread, so the main thread is free to ren­der the page with­out jank or white screen load­ing delays.

It is super sim­ple to set up & get run­ning, and all of your track­ing scripts work as before… they are just sequestered in a sep­a­rate thread so they don’t impact fron­tend performance.

Spe­cial co-host John Mor­ton joins us to talk about his expe­ri­ence set­ting up and using Par­ty­town, and also imple­ment­ing a sim­i­lar ser­vice from Cloud­flare called Zaraz.

Join us for the party! 🎉

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