Episode 130 / 2022.04.25
Andrew Welch, Jennifer Blumberg, Ryan Irelan
#JavaScript #React #JAMstack

On this episode, we talk with Michael Jack­son (no, not that one) about Remix, the cen­ter stack” web frame­work that embraces the web plat­form, rather than attempt­ing to replace it.

We dis­cuss how Remix is an out­growth of the work that he and Ryan Flo­rence did on React Router, and how Remix attempts to bring bal­ance back to the web world by being a stack that spans the fron­tend and the backend.

Remix is a web frame­work built in Type­Script, which allows you to use as much (or even zero!) JavaScript on the fron­tend as you like, bal­anced with SSR JavaScript on the backend.

It’s a refresh­ing take on web devel­op­ment that harkens back to PHP and Ruby-based frame­works, but using the iso­mor­phic super­pow­ers that only JavaScript has!

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