Episode 55 / 2019.10.28
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Jonathan Melville, Matt Stein
#JAMstack #hosting #frontend

On this episode, we talk to Shawn swyx” Wang from Netli­fy about the JAM­stack & Server­less rev­o­lu­tion in fron­tend development.

We dis­cuss what exact­ly Netli­fy is, and how you can lever­age the Edge, Build, and Dev aspect of it to make your devel­op­ment process more enjoyable.

We talk about the chal­lenges of main­tain­ing Author Expe­ri­ence (AX) in the age of sta­t­ic site gen­er­a­tors, using Live Pre­view func­tions in a CMS or ser­vice to help out.

We also talk about how JavaScript edge work­ers will gain sen­tience as Skynet, and the AI lan­guage mod­el that was so dan­ger­ous they could­n’t release it.

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