Episode 19 / 2018.08.20
Andrew Welch, Lauren Dorman, Earl Johnston, Michael Rog
#JavaScript #React #Vue #frontend

On this episode, we’re joined by Paulo Elias from IDEO to dis­cuss JAM­stack: Mod­ern web devel­op­ment archi­tec­ture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and pre­built Markup.

Paulo talks about his jour­ney from doing tra­di­tion­al LAMP/LEMP stack work to build­ing things using JavaScript as the hub of his uni­verse. We dis­cuss the pros and cons of embrac­ing this way of build­ing web­sites, and more and more, webapps!

We delve into not just the ben­e­fits to the devel­op­er of work­ing this way, but also the ben­e­fit to the client, and the end user. We also dis­cuss how JAM­stack can work effec­tive­ly with exit­ing CMS systems.

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