Episode 131 / 2022.07.18
Andrew Welch
#vite #JavaScript #frontend

On this episode, we talk with Vite.js core team mem­ber Matias Capelet­to aka Patak” about the next gen­er­a­tion fron­tend tool­ing Vite 3.0!

We’re joined by guest co-host Michael Thomas, lead dev from Per­ci­pio, to talk about what makes Vite.js so loved in the devel­op­er com­mu­ni­ty that it’s had a stratos­pher­ic rise in popularity.

We delve into all the shiny new things in the new­ly released Vite 3.0, and get a peek into the mas­sive com­mu­ni­ty behind the scenes that helped make it all happen.

Patak also drops the news that Stack­Blitz is spon­sor­ing the first Vite Conf, free online Octo­ber 11 – 12th, and will fea­ture speak­ers from all facets of the Vite ecosystem.

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