Episode 88 / 2020.10.05
Andrew Welch, Jennifer Blumberg
#infosec #security #webdev

On this episode we talk with Infos­ec con­sul­tant Eugen Olteanu about infor­ma­tion secu­ri­ty and the dark side of the web.

There exists a par­al­lel world where the break­ing into web­sites is both a mea­sure of street cred and also a pro­fes­sion. We delve down into the bel­ly of the beast to dis­cuss how this world works.

We also talk about what devel­op­ers can to do mit­i­gate poten­tial attacks and secu­ri­ty breach­es. If we can’t win the arms race, we can at least make our­selves a less suc­cu­lent target.

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