Episode 123 / 2021.12.13
Andrew Welch
#frontend #javascript #html

In this episode, we have Car­son from Big Sky Soft­ware & Deniz Akşimşek on to talk about Hyper­script, which they tout as what JavaScript would look like if it were designed for the web!

Guest host Ben Cro­ker from PutY­ourLight­sOut tells us why, yes, we real­ly do need a script­ing lan­guage built on top of JavaScript to make com­mon things easy to do. 

And that’s what Hyper­script aims to do: bring the joy of script­ing back into web devel­op­ment and solve the com­mon prob­lems we all face every day, sim­ply and elegantly.

As such, Hyper­script is a nat­ur­al com­ple­ment to its sis­ter project, HTMX. Join us to hear an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion on how the right tool­ing (or lack there­of) is half the battle.

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