Episode 9 / 2018.04.02
Andrew Welch, Marion Newlevant, Michael Rog, Jonathan Melville
#graphql #craftql #REST #API

In this episode, we have spe­cial guest Mark Huot to talk about GraphQL and his CraftQL plu­g­in for Craft CMS 3. We talk about the his­to­ry of GraphQL, and what prob­lems it is designed to solve. We com­pare and con­trast it with REST APIs, and talk about how GraphQL fits in with the JAM­stack way of doing things.

Even if you’re not work­ing on a web­site where you pro­vide an API, odds are very good that you’ll be con­sum­ing an API of some kind; and it very well may be GraphQL-based.

We then also talk about how using the CraftQL plu­g­in, you can be spin­ning up your own API in min­utes, using the same famil­iar vocab­u­lary you use with craft.entries. You can even use it to make cre­at­ing fron­tend entry forms eas­i­er to implement!

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