Episode 10 / 2018.04.16
Patrick Harrington, Andrew Welch, Earl Johnston, Jonathan Melville
#webdev #git #version control #frontend

In this episode we dive into using Git as a ver­sion con­trol sys­tem with Mijin­go’s Ryan Ire­lan. Whether you do fron­tend dev, back­end dev, or any kind of dev, odds are very good that you’re using Git as a ver­sion con­trol sys­tem. We talk about the his­to­ry of Git, and delve into some of the big­ger pic­ture con­cepts behind Git to help under­stand what’s going on under the hood.

We dis­cuss var­i­ous git clients, what exact­ly com­mits and branch­es are, and the abject hor­ror that are merge con­flicts… and how they real­ly should­n’t be that scary at all. There are also some sto­ries from using Git the trench­es, both glo­ri­ous suc­cess­es and ago­niz­ing fail­ures. We’ve all been there, Ryan helps to lead us out of the for­est with some great point­ers on using Git.

Ryan’s also made a spe­cial pro­mo code DEV­MODE for 25% off any Git course on mijin​go​.com!

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