Episode 67 / 2020.03.08
Andrew Welch
#webdev #job #exit

On this episode, we talk to Matt Bar­ron, who as of today left his job as a senior design­er at Thinkmill… and exit­ed the tech busi­ness entirely.

We talk to Matt about the moti­va­tion for leav­ing the tech busi­ness after being ful­ly immersed in it for almost 30 years. We dis­cuss the courage it takes to leave some­thing behind that you’ve become so skilled at, and how hum­bling it is start­ing anew at the bottom.

Mat­t’s sto­ry isn’t your typ­i­cal one, but per­haps that’s the point. And per­haps we can all find some­thing in his jour­ney that res­onates with us.

Tune in to find out the job that Mat­t’s exit­ing the tech busi­ness for!

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