Episode 96 / 2021.01.25
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#standup #JAMstack #docker

On this dev­Mode Standup, Patrick & Andrew talk about the promise of the JAM­stack, Patrick­’s expe­ri­ence with Nuxt, and how Sprig is the same but different.

We also talk about stuff Andrew is up to, such as Alpine Dock­er con­tain­ers, dual PHP con­tain­ers for XDe­bug per­for­mance rea­sons, and get into Spatie’s new Ray debug­ging tool too.

Then we talk about Patrick­’s expe­ri­ence with the M1 Mac­Book Air, and Andrew talks about web­pack 5 and some big plu­g­in update he’s work­ing on.

Final­ly, we dis­cuss Andrew’s bet on the fall of the republic.

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