Episode 98 / 2021.02.08
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#standup #M1 #webpack

Patrick is mad­ly in love with his M1 Mac­Book Air, Dock­er on M1 Macs, how vir­tu­al. mem­o­ry swap­ping works, how often do you reboot your computer?

Andrew is some­what skep­ti­cal about the Apple Car (remem­ber the Pip­pin!), we talk deploy­ments with Bud­dy, GitHub Actions, Azure pipelines, the glo­ry of a mod­u­lar web­pack 5 con­fig, get-web­pack-con­fig, Mael­strom, Choplifter, and oth­er devel­op­ment stuff we’re doing.

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