Episode 60 / 2019.12.23
Andrew Welch, Marion Newlevant, Matt Stein, Michael Rog, Patrick Harrington, Jonathan Melville
#holiday #special #roundtable

This spe­cial hol­i­day episode of dev​Mode​.fm is some round­table ban­ter with many of the reg­u­lar dev​Mode​.fm hosts, and noth­ing tech­ni­cal is dis­cussed at all.

Instead, we delve into the his­to­ry of eggnog — We thought Michael was read­ing from Wikipedia but turns out he’s just obsessed — betel nut chew­ing, and oth­er hol­i­day traditions.

We start to dis­cuss hol­i­day plans, but quick­ly tran­si­tion to a [spoil­er-free] dis­cus­sion of Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Sky­walk­er, the Man­dalo­ri­an, whether actors/​actresses will be replaced by CGI, and oth­er fes­tive topics.

Final­ly, we wrap things up with how much (or how lit­tle) we’re work­ing over the hol­i­days, and favorite gifts we’re excit­ed to be giv­ing this year!

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