Episode 32 / 2019.01.21
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Jonathan Melville
#css #craftcms #webdev

On this episode we have on the CSS leg­end Eric Mey­er to talk about the ear­ly days of CSS, and how it almost died, and also onto where CSS is today. We dis­cuss util­i­ty-first CSS, CSS in JavaScript, and talk about the Flexbox and the awe­some­ness that is CSS Grid.

We then also talk about the move of Eric’s AnEven​tA​part​.com web­site from Expres­sio­nEngine to Craft CMS. We talk about the moti­va­tions for the move, the things they love about Craft CMS, and also the usu­al chal­lenges fac­ing any major migra­tion from one plat­form to another.

Join us for an insight­ful dis­cus­sion from one of CSS’s pio­neers on what the cur­rent state of CSS is today!

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