Episode 28 / 2018.12.10
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Michael Rog
#craftcms #plugin #roundtable

This episode of the dev​Mode​.fm pod­cast is a meet­ing of the Craft CMS plu­g­in devel­op­er cabal. We have on vir­tu­al rogue’s gallery of Craft CMS plu­g­in devel­op­ers: Michael Rog from Top Shelf Craft, Ben Parizek from Sprout Plu­g­ins, Ben Cro­ker from PutY­ourLight­sOn, Josh Craw­ford from Verbb, Nate Iler from Flip­box Dig­i­tal, Lind­sey DiLore­to from Dou­ble Secret Agency, and Mark Huot from HappyCog!

We talk about the chal­lenges of Craft CMS plu­g­in devel­op­ment, rang­ing from tech­ni­cal chal­lenges, to pric­ing, sup­port, and main­te­nance of plu­g­ins. We also dis­cuss how to get into plu­g­in devel­op­ment, and how to stay sharp!

Even if you only tan­gen­tial­ly are inter­est­ed in plu­g­in devel­op­ment, or you use plu­g­ins your­self on your web­site, you’ll find this episode inter­est­ing for sure!

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