Episode 31 / 2019.01.18
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington
#craftcms #craft-3 #webdev

In this episode, we have Bran­don Kel­ly & Leah Stephen­son from Pix­el & Ton­ic to talk about the excit­ing new fea­tures in Craft CMS 3.1 and Com­merce 2.

We talk about how Project Con­fig will help improve devel­op­er work­flow, allow­ing a team to more eas­i­ly col­lab­o­rate by putting the schema changes (any­thing you cre­ate in the Set­tings CP sec­tion) into a revi­sioned file. Then we move on to talk about how the Soft Delete fea­ture will be a big draw for clients, allow­ing them to undelete mis­tak­en­ly delet­ed content.

Then we move on to Com­merce 2, which entire­ly rewrit­ten for Craft CMS 3.1. It adds the oft request­ed Sub­scrip­tions fea­ture, as well as a whole host of func­tion­al­i­ty to make it a supreme­ly flex­i­ble bespoke ECom­merce solu­tion. We also dis­cuss the $199 Com­merce Lite, that brings the pow­er of Craft Com­merce to sites with more mod­est needs.

Final­ly we wrap up with some dis­cus­sion about the new Plu­g­in Store, and its fan­tas­tic new fea­tures, and end up on a few plu­g­in-relat­ed tangents.

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