Episode 78 / 2020.06.15
Andrew Welch, Patrick Harrington, Matt Stein
#hosting #devops #SaaS

On this episode we talk to Ryan McCul­lagh, founder of the PHP host­ing and deploy­ment plat­form Amezmo.

We talk about how Amez­mo dif­fers from oth­er offer­ings like Forge, in that it has inte­grat­ed deploy­ments (sim­i­lar to Envoy­er) and also takes care of the VPS part of the equa­tion for you.

We dis­cuss how Amez­mo is tar­get­ed at free­lancers & agen­cies who are skilled at build­ing web­sites, but don’t want to deal with the devops side of the equation.

Turn in to learn why Ryan says Amez­mo is the Netli­fy for PHP applications.”

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