Episode 71 / 2020.04.06
Andrew Welch, Matt Stein
#Alpine.js #JavaScript #frontend

On this episode we have the author of Alpine.js, Caleb Porzio, on to dis­cuss his very light­weight JavaScript library that just might be exact­ly what you need.

We talk about whether the world real­ly needs anoth­er JavaScript library, and how Alpine was born out of Cale­b’s expe­ri­ence of using Vue.js exten­sive­ly for years in build­ing appli­ca­tion. We’re also joined by Keyur Shah from Paperand​more​.com who adopt­ed Alpine.js for his web­site build, and we dis­cuss how it helped him make it happen.

We ven­ture off into a tan­gen­tial but real­ly rel­e­vant dis­cus­sion of the state of web devel­op­ment today, and how using as lit­tle as you can for as long as you can” is still quite a good way to go.

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