Episode 132 / 2022.08.29
Andrew Welch, Ryan Irelan
#devrel #developer #relations #advocate

On this episode, we talk with Shawn swyx” Wang all about devel­op­er rela­tions aka devrels, and what their crit­i­cal role at a tech-based com­pa­ny entails.

Is it just mar­ket­ing for devel­op­ers? Are they YouTube cre­ators who like tech? Pro­gram­mers who like teach­ing? Super fans who want to get paid to work on the prod­uct they already love?

We answer all of these ques­tions, and also delve into the dual­i­ty of the devrel role, where they ben­e­fit the com­pa­ny and also the devel­op­ers in the community.

Don’t miss this real talk with Shawn about impor­tant but often mis­un­der­stood role in the tech business!

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